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Curriculum-vitae ing

Prof.Franco Fraioli M.D.

Via F.A.Pigafetta   00154 Roma

Phone: 00390657107416   Cell: 00393311952248

Present Position
Scientific Director  HCRoma  
General Manager Quas Cassa Assistenza Sanitaria Quadri
Health Consultant Fondo EST
Health Consultant (Sanarti)
Health Consultant  Fondo di Assistenza  Sanitaria Artigiani
Consulting Sanitary Board CADIPROF.
Vice President HC&R Foundation

Present status:
Scientific Director of HCRoma
Scientific Director of important Italian Sanitary Group: Health Care Italia
Consultant of 2 important Sanitary  Public Health Insurance :QUAS ,and Fondo EST
Member of Scientific Committee of public Assistance Sanitary Group:CADIPROF

MD Degree "Summa cum laude"University  of Rome Italy 1970 The dissertation was published in Folia Endocrinologica 1971
Specialization in Endocrinology and Metabolic Desease 1973
Specialization in Pathology
Master  in Medical Statistics 1976

Research Skills:
Extensive knowledge of  SPSSX and SAS statistical

Academic Career
1970 Assistant Professor Istituto di Endocrinologia  University of Rome 1973-University of Rome
Research Contract
1980 Confirmed Researcher in  Medica University  of Rome.
1979 1990 Full Professor of Endocrinology University of Rome

State Honor
"Commendatore"of Italian Republic  for Scientific merit glven  the President

Professional Medical Experience
Head of  Department of Endocrinology in the Universitary Hospital in Rome 1977-1990
Private practice since 1971 in primary  and ambulatory.
1990-2003 Medical Deputy Director Studio Ria Casa di Cura Paideia  Roma
2003-2010 Adviser of Health Care Italia Group for Medical Strategies
2003-2014  Director of Centro Diagnostico SPA Roma

Experience Abroad

1969-1970 Karolinska  Hospital Stockholm Sweden Prof.Egon Diczfalusy
1971-1973 Hopital Cantonale  Lausanne Switzerland Prof J.P.Felber by a Grant of
Swiss CNR
1977-1978 National Institute  of Health Bethesda Md USA Prf.Jesse Roth,Dr.Candace Pert
1999-2000 Imperial  of Medicine London UK Dr.Andrea Crisanti

Membership and Association
• Societa’ Italiana di Endocrinologia
• Endocrine Society USA
• Editorial Board of the scientific Journal "Pain"
• Referee of various scientific international Journals
• Editorial Board of the italian Journal "La Clinica Ospedaliera"

Managerial Assignements
CEO for research of RADIM SPA  1980-1990
Coordinator of the scientific project"Microarrays" Radim Europa/Imperial College of Medicine
Londra 1999-2002
President of Studio Ria srl Roma 1973-2003
President of CRD Centro di Ricerca e Diagnostica Srl Roma 1991-2000
President of Leasing MedicaEuropea SPA Torino 1992

Scientific Consulting Assignements
Member of the Italian Food  and Drugs administration Committee 1987-1992
Member of the Selected board of Drugs 1990-93
Adviser of Minister of Health Office of Planning 1988-1991
President of Union CUSPE 1986-1990
President of Corporate Association ANISAP  
Member of the Advisors of the Italian Municipalities Association ANCI 1990-1991
Medical Adviser of FASDAC (Public Sanitary Insurance Group) 1992-1998
Medical Adviser of QUAS (Public Sanitary Insurance Group) 1998-2013
Medical Adviser of Fondo  (Public Sanitary Insurance Group) 2007-2015
Member of Scientific Committee CADIPROF (Public Sanitary Insurance Group) 2009-2015

Scientific production and publications


Sistemi a Radioligandi in Endocrinologia:Edizioni SEU 1972 RIA.Radioimmunoassay. Edizioni Hoepli 1980
Opioid Peptides in Periphery Ed.Elzevier 1982

Scientific Articles

210 Articles  published on primary International Journals

Can be found on line: click here

References:  Excellent references available upon request.

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